Register an Event for Off-Season play

Follow the instructions here to get a valid API token, and validate it below (or use an existing token if you have previously registered for one). Once your token has been validated, you will be able to fill out the information below, and you will be able to skip "find your FTA." Complete the form, agree to the two acknowledgments at the bottom of the page, then click "submit." It may take several days for your event to show up on the event list, if approved, the email address associated with your API token will receive an email.

Please review the following information before beginning your application for "FMS Sync", and complete the full page within 30 minutes:

  1. This form, the first step of the process, must be submitted at least four (4) days (96 hours) prior to the start of the event to be considered. Events start at 12:01am on the day requested as "Start Date" and time is measured against that date/time. Events that start or end in November will require additional permission to make sure they comply with our equipment return date for the season. We do not accept December listings.
  2. FMS Support (at FIRST HQ) is not available for Off-Season events. The FTA present at the event is the troubleshooting contact for network, robot, and other issues.
  3. The event must not make "substantial" changes to the rules of the game being played. Minor rules changes, event specific additions, etc, are acceptable. But the game should be fully recognizable and true to the state in which it was played during the regular season, including using a tournament structure for playoff matches that is available in the game manual (with optional "play in" type additions).
  4. Only "official" teams can be Registered to show in the online attending teams list for an Off-Season event. This means teams that competed in the 2024 FRC Season. Do not play on another team's number, this can misrepresent their season data.
  5. FIRST does not edit any data submitted here, it simply approves/denies data as submitted. Data can be edited until 48 hours before the scheduled start of the event by following the directions that will be given. The only thing that can be edited on site at the event is the participant list (attending team list).
The following additional terms apply to events that will use the "Sync" service:
  1. Only "official" teams can be used at Off-Season events with Sync. This means teams that competed in the 2024 FRC Season. Do not play on another team's number, this can misrepresent their season data. If a team is attending the event, but not an official FRC Team (like a team with two robots or a "pre-rookie"), they can use team numbers 9985-9999, which are available in FMS. FMS will not allow a schedule to be created for an Off-Season with Sync if it contains an ineligible team number.
  2. If approved, FMS Engineering will send the listed FTA connection information for publishing the data from this event to FIRST HQ, however in the off chance that there is a problem during the event, there will not be a contact from FIRST HQ available for troubleshooting.
  3. FIRST requires an FTA be present for setup, operation and tear down of all FIRST fields, including during the off-season. In order to use a FIRST field, or Sync data, you must meet this requirement. If you do not know who will be the FTA, or they are not a certified FIRST FTA for the 2024 season, your request will be declined. Please only submit the primary FTA if there will be multiple. FIRST Engineering will communication the event activation information only with the FTA, not the form submitter, so each FTA submission will be verified by staff.
  4. The sync service requires consistent Internet be available at the scoring table. This Internet should allow all activity, unfiltered, on ports 80 and 443. Without this access, the service may not work, or may stop working during the event. PLEASE carefully consider whether Internet will be available before submitting this form, as it creates a poor user experience for your event to appear in our official listings only to not publish data because Internet was not available. If you're unsure, please don't submit the form, and confirm before applying. If you request Sync, but do not publish data, you might not be eligible for Sync in a future season.
  5. Do not apply "just in case" you get Internet access- find out first!
  6. FMS Engineering does not "back fill" event data. This means that, if your event loses connectivity or otherwise stops syncing, and does not regain its connection by the end of the event, data will remain in it's state online (i.e. if Qual match 1-42 sync, then Internet goes out and matches 43-50 are missing, we don't back fill matches 43-50 at a later date, they would just be missing online)
In All Cases:
If you understand the above terms and warnings, please indicate so where requested on the form.

  • Validate your API Token:
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  • Submission Type
    The type of submission you are making via this page for your event. If you're coming from a previous page where you selected one of the colored buttons, this should be pre-populated, and you should use caution if you decide to change the selection.
    Please complete the API information above to open this section.

    This option, Listing Only, is for events that just wish to be listed in the directory but not post results.
    This option, Full Sync, is for events that will have Internet, post results, and use all our available features.
    Please tell us which type of application you're completing. If you're unsure, visit the Off-Season Event Info page via the link on the bottom of the page for details.

  • Find your FTA
    This data should match their profile in the Volunteer Registration System in order to validate.
    Please don't list someone as your FTA unless they have agreed! This shouldn't be a surprise to them!
    Please complete the API and event type information above to open this section.

    FTA entry is not required for Listing Only submissions.

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  • Once you've added your API token and told us about your event type (and FTA, if applicable), you can complete the basic information about your event:

    Please complete the FTA, Type and API information above to open this section.

    Exactly as it is to appear, including punctuation, on Audience Display and Web

    The first day on which a Practice, Qualification or Playoff match will be played

    The last day on which a Practice, Qualification or Playoff match will be played

    Do not include City, State or Country

    For outside of USA enter city and select "Other" for State, then contact us after submission.

    Must be specific to the event, not a team or venue

    For other timezones, select Other and contact us after submission

    For information purposes, does not prevent you from exceeding your goal