FIRST Robotics Competition Services

FIRST Robotics Competition offers a number of services for various volunteers, teams and members of the community. Some of these services are offered on behalf of other FIRST programs. All services are free and available to the public, though some require additional permissions or approvals. We kindly ask that you respect the availability of these services as a privilege and do not abuse system access.

Service Notes
FRC Event Data API Most of the data available on is also available in our API. Click the button to learn more.
Off-Season Event Request FIRST Robotics Competition teams with official FIRST fields can request to have off-season event results sync with FIRST HQ or simply to appear on the listing of Off-Season events. Click the button to learn more.
Judges Award Entry Allows FRC Judges access to the advanced entry system for awards at official events.
FRC Team Avatars Submit an avatar, or small image, to represent your FRC team on and on-site at FRC events. Click the button to learn more.
FRC DS Images Download Driver Station (DS) images for a given season. Click the button to learn more.
FRC FTA App Click to learn more about the mobile application for FRC FTAs.
Data Learn more about where we get our data, and how you can update the data about your Team.
Data Corrections Found an error with our data? Click to learn more about submitting a correction request.

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