Off-Season FMS and Event Listing Information

FIRST Robotics Competition offers teams and members of our community the opportunity to run "Off-Season" events after the official competition season ends. There are multiple types of Off-Season events, as outlined below.

Please note: The Field Management System (FMS, as referenced below) is the electronics core of a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) playing field and encompasses both hardware and software components. The software package is used to control all the field electronics (LED Displays, Station Control Cabinets, E-stops, enable/disable of the Robots, network security, etc.) and is used to manage the event by creating match schedules, scoring the matches in real-time, and posting information to the Audience screen.

What kind of Offseason event are you running?
Please read the various descriptions of A, B and C below before selecting the one that best matches your use case. Please note that for events starting or ending in November, options B and C will require additional permissions. Not sure which you should use? Use the selector below and we can let you know!

We think the right choice for you is Option A because your event can operate fully offline and you aren't in need of an event listing.
We think the right choice for you is Option B because you'll be able to have your event listed in our online directory and services.
We think the right choice for you is Option C because having full electronics and Internet available will allow you to take advantage of our best offering, full sync.

A) Off-Season Event using "FMS Off-Season"

The "FMS Off-Season" version is designed to work without the full set of FRC field electronics, but retain much of the functionality that remains useful to events without FIRST hardware. All results stay local, but available to the local Audience Display / Pit Display. Does not interact with the Internet.

If you are not going to have an FTA at your event, or you are not going to have a full, official FIRST issued field with electronics, then this is likely to be your desired version.

B) Off-Season Event using "FMS Off-Season" WITH Online Listing

In addition to the details about "FMS Off-Season" detailed in A, you can apply to have your Off-Season event listed in the corresponding section of the website. You would still need to separately download the software, as listed in A.

C) Off-Season Event with Sync

This is the full FMS Software package, exactly as it is used during the official competition season, and requires FIRST issued hardware. Results are synchronized with the web.

Off-Season events that will have full fields from FIRST and the appropriate authorized staff (FTA, etc) are eligible to apply to have their event included with "FMS Sync". This allows, should the eligibility criteria be met, the ability to post scores and event data that will appear in our API and Webpages in real-time during the event.