Event Data Corrections

This page is specifically about corrections to existing data. For additional information on how FIRST Robotics Competition receives and processes data, please see this page.

From time to time, data is inadvertently published that contains errors. FIRST has procedures in place to update this information when applicable. Please review the criteria below, and if applicable, contact FIRST to initiate the request.

Team Data: For information on how we collect and process data, please click the "Data" link below.

Acceptable Corrections: FIRST accepts corrections to data that meet criteria such as:
  • GDPR Requests (which should be initiated by calling FIRST)
  • Misspellings of award winners of "Person" awards, such as Dean's List
  • Missing team affiliations on a Dean's List or Woodie Flowers Award
Unacceptable Corrections: FIRST does not accept corrections to data such as:
  • Score of a match, assignment of penalties or Ranking Points
  • Team Season Information (instead, see the Team Data section above)
  • Removal of a team affiliation from a "Person" award
  • Events which occurred prior to the 2006 Season
  • Addition/modification of an award based on "scanned" or paper copies of past event materials

Not all categories will be covered by the above criteria. If you believe a correction to be necessary, but it is not explicitly covered in the above two categories, please contact FIRST for additional information

Submitting a Correction: Corrections that meet the above criteria should be submitted to FIRST for review:
  1. The request should be submitted via email to firstroboticscompetitionteams[at]firstinspires.org
  2. The email address initiating the request must be Lead Mentor 1 or Lead Mentor 2 of the affected Team
    • If the change affects a "Person" award, the request must be initiated from the email address matching the Person's firstinspires.org profile
  3. The subject of the email must contain, at a minimum, "FRC Events Data Correction"
  4. The body of the email should contain the necessary supporting documentation and a clear description of the issue for which the data correction is being requested.
FIRST will review all submitted requests, but please be aware that there is no guaranteed response time, and not all requests will be accepted/implemented.