2020 Off-Season Events List

This page provides a glance at all FIRST Robotics Competition "Off-Season" events that have requested to be publicly listed. Off-Season events are usually not be operated by FIRST and rules used at the event (game, robot, etc) may differ from those used during the regular competition season. Questions about an Off-Season event should be directed to the event using the website listed on the event detail page. To apply to be included in these listings, please visit this page. You can click on the event code in the first column to view additional information about the event.

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Team Capacity
Event Code Week Name 1 Total Registered Remaining
2/15 to 2/16
Week 0
Nashua, NH USA
0 0 0

Please note that capacity information is shown for informational purposes only. Lots of factors, including reserve capacity changes and event layout updates can cause this information to change.