Team 426 - Zombie Apocalypse Counter Task Force (2020)

Pinkerton Academy & Timberlane Regional High School & Saigon South International School & School for Excellence & Bronx International High Sch

From: Bronx, New York, USA
Rookie Year: 2000

2020 Home Championship: FIRST Championship - Detroit - FIRST Robotics Competition (Cancelled)
2020 Sponsors: NASA/Cohen Family Foundation/Gary Israel Morris Robotics Foundation/AirRocket Works/Catalyst Designs/Charged Concepts/Taï-Artwear/Titanium Processing Center/Columbia University/Hostos Community College&School for Excellence&Bronx International High Sch&Saigon South International School&Timberlane Regional High School&Pinkerton Academy

Team 426's 2020 Awards
Award Event
FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award
     (Presented to Lauren V)
* Hawaii Regional (Cancelled)

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* Hawaii Regional (Cancelled)

  March 18 to March 21, 2020