Event Information

Event Information
Basic information about the Ventura Regional can be found in the chart below. All times and dates displayed here, and on the event's individual result pages, are local to the event.

Event Code
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to Saturday, March 18, 2017
Week #
Ventura College
4667 Telegraph Road
Ventura, CA USA
Event Complete
District Affiliation
Playoff Style
*Playoffs at this event will be alliances of three teams each. In the event a robot is no longer able to compete in the Playoffs, a backup robot may be requested by the alliance.
Event Results
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Event results data is updated live throughout the event, unless the event experiences an internet outage.
Competing Teams 42
Number Name
8 Paly Robotics
114 Eagle Strike
580 Viking Robotics
589 Falkon Robotics
599 Robodox
702 Bagel Bytes
981 Snobotics
1138 Eagle Engineering
1515 MorTorq
1622 Team Spyder
1661 Griffitrons
1967 The Janksters
2429 La Canada Engineerng Cub
2443 Blue Thunder
2489 The Insomniacs
2576 Chilean Heart
3021 The Agency
3512 Spartatroniks
3851 The Short Circuits
3859 Wolfpack Robotics
3863 Pantherbotics
3882 Lunas
3925 Circuit of Life
3965 Sultans
3993 Humanoids
4078 Warriors
4711 The Flying Aces
4913 Huskyteers
4964 LA Streetbots
5136 Mechapirates
5137 Iron Kodiaks
5477 NuBotX - Nubotics STEAMPunk
5678 Knightrise
5802 Los STEMateros
5818 Riviera Robotics
5857 Walnut Valley Robotics
5869 Radical Robotics
6398 Kilo-bots
6553 Roboticus
6560 Charging Champions
6764 Fillmore Flashes
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