Team Avatar Team 2470 - Team BJORG (2020)

2020 Robot: Kyrgy
2020 Home Championship: FIRST Championship - Detroit - FIRST Robotics Competition (Cancelled)
2020 Sponsors: General Dynamics Mission Systems/Stratasys Company/3M Corporation /Toro Company/Boston Scientific/Avanade/Culver's/Jerry's Best Hardware/IKS Industries/Bloomington Lions/ideal Energies/Haldeman Homme/Eric's Repair/Park Jeep /Tutoring Advantage/Berry Patch/Ron Balczewski&Jefferson High School&Kennedy High School

Team 2470's 2020 Awards
Award Event
Woodie Flowers Finalist Award
     (Presented to Brian Schulte)
* Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional Presented by the Medtronic Foundation (Cancelled)

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