Team 34 - Rockets

Team 34 has been competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition for 24 seasons, and a total of 38 official events. They were a rookie (and began competing) in 1998 and remain active as of the current season, 2021.
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Year Event
2021 Neon Group - INFINITE RECHARGE At Home Challenge
INFINITE RECHARGE At Home Challenge Event
Southeastern Region Awards Event
2020 Unknown Event(s)
2019 Rocket City Regional
Smoky Mountains Regional
2018 Arkansas Rock City Regional
Rocket City Regional
2017 St. Louis Regional
Rocket City Regional
2016 Arkansas Rock City Regional
Rocket City Regional
2015 Bayou Regional
2014 Bayou Regional
2013 North Carolina Regional
2012 Peachtree Regional
2011 Bayou Regional
Smoky Mountain Regional
2010 Peachtree Regional
2009 Peachtree Regional
Lone Star Regional
2008 Peachtree Regional
Bayou Regional
2007 Bayou Regional
Palmetto Regional
FIRST Championship - Curie Division
2006 Peachtree Regional
Davis Sacramento Regional
Palmetto Regional
2005 Peachtree Regional
Palmetto Regional
2004 Peachtree Regional
Palmetto Regional
2003 Peachtree Regional
2002 Lone Star Regional
St. Louis Regional
2001 Unknown Event(s)
2000 Great Lakes Regional
NASA Langley/VCU Regional
1999 Unknown Event(s)
1998 Great Lakes Regional