2020 FIRST Israel District

FIRST Israel District (ISR)

Events: 5
Teams: 67

# Teams Qualified for District Championship: 0
# Teams Qualified for FIRST Championship: 0

Rank District Points Team

Hover on the score from a particular team event to see at which event the score was earned. Click the score to see the team's scoring detail from that event. Columns that contain "--" mean the team did not qualify / has not yet qualified.Columns that contain " (IP)" mean the event is in progress and scores will be changing throughout the event. More Info...

The FIRST Israel District is made up of 5 events, as outlined below. Teams select events at which they wish to compete and, at eligible events, earn points based on their performance.

The FIRST Israel District is made up of 67 Teams, as listed below. To learn more about a team, or see details of their performance this season, click on their team number.

Number Name Home
1574 MisCar Misgav, HaZafon (Israel)
1576 Voltrix Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
1577 Steampunk Ra'anana, HaMerkaz (Israel)
1580 The Blue Monkeys Ashkelon, HaDarom (Israel)
1657 Hamosad Kibutz E'in Shemer, HaZafon (Israel)
1690 Orbit Binyamina, HaZafon (Israel)
1937 Elysium Modi'in-Maccabim Reu't, HaMerkaz (Israel)
1942 Cinderella Tel-Nof Gadera, HaMerkaz (Israel)
1943 Neat Team Rosh Hayin, HaMerkaz (Israel)
1954 ElectroBunny Beer Sheva, HaDarom (Israel)
2096 RoboActive Dimona, HaDarom (Israel)
2212 The Spikes Lod, HaMerkaz (Israel)
2230 General Angels Herzliya, HaMerkaz (Israel)
2231 OnyxTronix Shoham, HaMerkaz (Israel)
2630 Thunderbolts Emek hefer, HaMerkaz (Israel)
2679 Tiger Team Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (Israel)
3034 Galileo Kefar Blum, HaZafon (Israel)
3065 Jatt High School Jatt, HaMerkaz (Israel)
3075 Ha-Dream Team Hod-Ha'Sharon, HaMerkaz (Israel)
3083 Artemis Maagan Michael, HaZafon (Israel)
3211 The Y Team Yeruham, HaDarom (Israel)
3316 D-Bug Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
3339 BumbleB Kfar Yona, HaMerkaz (Israel)
3388 Flash Gan Yavne, HaMerkaz (Israel)
3835 Vulcan Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
4319 Ladies FIRST Beer Sheva, HaDarom (Israel)
4320 The Joker Petach Tikvah, HaMerkaz (Israel)
4338 Falcons Even-Yehuda, HaMerkaz (Israel)
4416 Skynet Ramat Hasharon, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
4586 PRIMO modiin, HaMerkaz (Israel)
4590 GreenBlitz Hakfar Hayarok, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
4661 The Red Pirates bet-hasmonai, HaMerkaz (Israel)
4744 Ninjas Hadera, Haifa (Israel)
4784 ATOM Afula, HaZafon (Israel)
5038 MEGIDDO LIONS Megiddo Regional Council , HaZafon (Israel)
5135 Black Unicorns Yehud, HaMerkaz (Israel)
5291 Emperius Eilat, HaDarom (Israel)
5554 The Poros Robotics Netanya, HaMerkaz (Israel)
5614 Team Sycamore Holon, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
5635 Demacia nes ziona, HaMerkaz (Israel)
5654 Phoenix Arad, HaDarom (Israel)
5715 DRC Dabburiya, HaZafon (Israel)
5747 Athena Beer Sheva, HaDarom (Israel)
5928 MetalBoost Petah Tiqua, HaMerkaz (Israel)
5951 Makers Assemble Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
5987 Galaxia in memory of David Zohar Haifa, Haifa (Israel)
5990 TRIGON Modiin, HaMerkaz (Israel)
6049 Pegasus Dimona, HaDarom (Israel)
6104 Desert Eagles Ofakim, HaDarom (Israel)
6168 alzahrawi iksal, HaZafon (Israel)
6230 Team Koi Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (Israel)
6736 Knights of the Sea AKKO, HaZafon (Israel)
6738 Excalibur Modi'in, HaMerkaz (Israel)
6740 G3 - Glue Gun & Glitter Pardes Hana, Haifa (Israel)
6741 Space monkeys rishon le tzion, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
7039 ❌⭕ Kfar hanoar Neurim , HaMerkaz (Israel)
7067 Team Streak jerusalem, Yerushalayim (Israel)
7079 Co-Bot Haifa, Haifa (Israel)
7112 EverGreen Kadima-Zoran, HaMerkaz (Israel)
7177 Amal Taybe taybe, HaMerkaz (Israel)
7554 Green Rockets Jaffa of Nazareth, HaZafon (Israel)
7845 8BIT Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (Israel)
8175 Piece of Mind Emek Yizrael, HaZafon (Israel)
8223 Mariners Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
8333 TOPAZ4X4 Beer Yakov, HaMerkaz (Israel)
8340 YA YARKA, HaZafon (Israel)
8356 Ironi Tet Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv (Israel)
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