2022 FIRST In Texas District

FIRST In Texas District (FIT)

Events: 11
Teams: 133

# Teams Qualified for District Championship: 0 (0 Available)
Teams Qualified for FIRST Championship: 0 (0 Available)

Rank District Points Team

Hover on the score from a particular team event to see at which event the score was earned. Click the score to see the team's scoring detail from that event. Columns that contain "--" mean the team did not qualify / has not yet qualified.Columns that contain " (IP)" mean the event is in progress and scores will be changing throughout the event. More Info...

The FIRST In Texas District is made up of 133 Teams, as listed below. To learn more about a team, or see details of their performance this season, click on their team number.

Number Name Home
118 Robonauts League City, Texas (USA)
148 Robowranglers Greenville, Texas (USA)
231 High Voltage Pasadena, Texas (USA)
324 Chips Friendswood, Texas (USA)
418 Purple Haze Austin, Texas (USA)
457 ⚙️ Grease Monkeys ⚙️ San Antonio, Texas (USA)
624 CRyptonite Katy, Texas (USA)
1164 Project NEO Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA)
1255 Blarglefish Baytown, Texas (USA)
1296 Full Metal Jackets Rockwall, Texas (USA)
1477 Texas Torque Conroe, Texas (USA)
1745 The P-51 Mustangs Richardson, Texas (USA)
2158 ausTIN CANs Austin, Texas (USA)
2468 Team Appreciate Austin, Texas (USA)
2582 PantherBots Lufkin, Texas (USA)
2583 Orange Dynamite Austin, Texas (USA)
2587 DiscoBots Houston, Texas (USA)
2613 Protobots Van Horn, Texas (USA)
2687 Team Apprentice Austin, Texas (USA)
2714 ♨️ BBQ ♨️ Dallas, Texas (USA)
2848 Rangers Dallas, Texas (USA)
2881 Lady Cans Austin, Texas (USA)
2882 Nuts n' Boltz Katy, Texas (USA)
2950 Devastators Waco, Texas (USA)
2966 Tiger Tech Pharr, Texas (USA)
3005 RoboChargers Dallas, Texas (USA)
3029 Mecha Titans Pharr, Texas (USA)
3035 Droid Rage Corpus Christi, Texas (USA)
3037 LOBOTS Longview, Texas (USA)
3103 Iron Plaid Houston, Texas (USA)
3282 Dallas Robo Tigers Dallas, Texas (USA)
3310 Black Hawk Robotics Heath, Texas (USA)
3355 Purple Vipers Arlington, Texas (USA)
3481 Bronc Botz San Antonio, Texas (USA)
3545 Bots in Blue Lackland Air Force Base, Texas (USA)
3561 RoboRaiders San Antonio, Texas (USA)
3676 Redshift Robotics Arlington, Texas (USA)
3679 rattlers San Marcos, Texas (USA)
3743 Eagle Bots Salado, Texas (USA)
3802 ✨RoboPOP✨ Carrollton, Texas (USA)
3834 Crab-bots Port Lavaca, Texas (USA)
3847 Spectrum -△◅ Houston, Texas (USA)
4063 TriKzR4Kidz Del Rio, Texas (USA)
4153 Project Y Los Alamos, New Mexico (USA)
4192 Flower Mound Jaguar Robotics Flower Mound, Texas (USA)
4206 Robo Vikes Fort Worth, Texas (USA)
4219 RED! San Antonio, Texas (USA)
4295 Hudson Robotics Lufkin, Texas (USA)
4328 Furious Falcons Richmond, Texas (USA)
4332 EHS RoboCats Edinburg, Texas (USA)
4364 Metal Jackets Stephenville, Texas (USA)
4587 Jersey Voltage Houston, Texas (USA)
4597 SABERBOTS Edinburg, Texas (USA)
4610 BearTecs Bastrop, Texas (USA)
4639 The RoboSpartans Katy, Texas (USA)
4717 Westerner Robotics Lubbock, Texas (USA)
4734 The Iron Plainsmen Lubbock, Texas (USA)
5047 DV CONQUISTABOTS El Paso, Texas (USA)
5052 The RoboLobos Cedar Park, Texas (USA)
5057 RoboBusters Dallas, Texas (USA)
5070 Gearnotics Houston, Texas (USA)
5103 Jaegernauts New Braunfels, Texas (USA)
5212 TAMSformers Robotics Denton, Texas (USA)
5261 Cyber Shock Houston, Texas (USA)
5411 RoboTalons Frisco, Texas (USA)
5414 Pearadox Pearland, Texas (USA)
5417 Eagle Robotics Allen, Texas (USA)
5427 Steel Talons Katy, Texas (USA)
5503 Smithville Tiger Trons Smithville, Texas (USA)
5572 Rosbot 5572 San Antonio, Texas (USA)
5613 ThunderDogs Alamogordo, New Mexico (USA)
5726 RHUMBOTZ San Antonio, Texas (USA)
5829 AwtyBots Houston, Texas (USA)
5866 Fe [Iron] Tigers Wolfforth, Texas (USA)
5892 Energy HEROs Houston, Texas (USA)
5894 J.E.H.S. CyberJags Edinburg, Texas (USA)
5908 Spartans Stafford, Texas (USA)
5923 WildC.A.T.S. Angleton, Texas (USA)
5986 ┌ Iron Fangs ┐ San Antonio, Texas (USA)
6155 ElektraBots San Antonio, Texas (USA)
6180 Mechanical Lions Mission, Texas (USA)
6357 The Spring Konstant Dripping Springs, Texas (USA)
6369 Mercenary Robotics McKinney, Texas (USA)
6377 Howdy Bots Austin, Texas (USA)
6645 Alloy Obsession Crosby, Texas (USA)
6672 Fusion Corps Irving, Texas (USA)
6682 A.S.T.R.O. Vikings Alamogordo, New Mexico (USA)
6733 PSJA North Raiders Pharr, Texas (USA)
6800 ViperBots Valor Austin, Texas (USA)
6830 Hogbotics Pharr, Texas (USA)
6901 Knights Robotics Frisco, Texas (USA)
6974 Zia Robotics Socorro, New Mexico (USA)
7091 Atlas Orbis Dallas, Texas (USA)
7121 Keller Fusion Robotics Keller, Texas (USA)
7125 Tigerbotics Glen Rose, Texas (USA)
7271 Hanger 84 Robotics Roswell, New Mexico (USA)
7418 Channelview TechnoFalcons Channelview, Texas (USA)
7440 Robo Lions (FRC) Livingston, Texas (USA)
7492 CavBots The Woodlands, Texas (USA)
7503 Radicubs Frisco, Texas (USA)
7506 WILDCARDS Arlington, Texas (USA)
7521 ULTIMATE Robotics Laredo, Texas (USA)
7534 Dragonflies Fort Worth, Texas (USA)
7535 Purple Poison 7535 Arlington, Texas (USA)
7540 Timberwolf Robotics Sandia Park, New Mexico (USA)
7691 TSA All Stars Tomball, Texas (USA)
7872 Wimberley Wavelengths Wimberley, Texas (USA)
8019 Patriot Engineering Mission, Texas (USA)
8055 EGM Robotics Frisco, Texas (USA)
8088 Bionic Panthers Liberty Hill, Texas (USA)
8114 Rocketeers Boerne, Texas (USA)
8150 Tungsten Houston, Texas (USA)
8177 Vector Tomball, Texas (USA)
8210 Rambotics Inc. Houston, Texas (USA)
8325 Bobcat Bots Espanola, New Mexico (USA)
8408 Kiss Kats Wink, Texas (USA)
8507 Jaguar Robotics Midlothian, Texas (USA)
8512 Manzano Monarchs Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
8515 Photon Houston, Texas (USA)
8528 CHINS 8528 Alamogordo, New Mexico (USA)
8556 Lion Robotics San Juan, Texas (USA)
8568 Seen Figures Webster, Texas (USA)
8573 Rogue-Rangers LEGACY Alton, Texas (USA)
8576 Golden Warriors Robotics Fulshear, Texas (USA)
8580 Jayton J-Bots Jayton, Texas (USA)
8598 Electro-Knights Mission, Texas (USA)
8610 Lanier Voks San Antonio, Texas (USA)
8625 MHS Eagles Mission, Texas (USA)
8722 Team Alpha Austin, Texas (USA)
8749 Farmersville Robotics Farmersville, Texas (USA)
8750 Tarpontron1cs Port Isabel, Texas (USA)
8769 G.O.R.T.s Houston, Texas (USA)