2019 Ontario District

Ontario District (ONT)

Events: 13
Teams: 173

# Teams Qualified for District Championship: 0
# Teams Qualified for FIRST Championship: 0

Rank District Points Team

Hover on the score from a particular team event to see at which event the score was earned. Click the score to see the team's scoring detail from that event. Columns that contain "--" mean the team did not qualify / has not yet qualified.Columns that contain " (IP)" mean the event is in progress and scores will be changing throughout the event. More Info...

The Ontario District is made up of 13 events, as outlined below. Teams select events at which they wish to compete and, at eligible events, earn points based on their performance.

The Ontario District is made up of 173 Teams, as listed below. To learn more about a team, or see details of their performance this season, click on their team number.

Number Name Home
188 Blizzard Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
610 Crescent Coyotes North York, Ontario (Canada)
746 Gearheads North York, Ontario (Canada)
771 SWAT Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
772 Sabre Bytes Robotics LaSalle, Ontario (Canada)
773 Kingsville CavalGears Kingsville, Ontario (Canada)
781 Kinetic Knights Kincardine, Ontario (Canada)
854 Iron Bears Etobicoke, Ontario (Canada)
865 WARP7 Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
907 East York Cybernetics "The Cybernauts" East York, Ontario (Canada)
919 Tiger Techs Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
1075 Sprockets Whitby, Ontario (Canada)
1114 Simbotics St Catharines, Ontario (Canada)
1241 THEORY6 Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
1246 Agincourt Skunkworks Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
1285 The Big Bang Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
1305 Ice Cubed North Bay, Ontario (Canada)
1310 Runnymede Robotics Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
1325 Inverse Paradox Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
1334 Red Devils Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
1360 Orbit Robotics Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
1374 Amped Up Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
2013 Cybergnomes Clearview Twp., Ontario (Canada)
2056 OP Robotics Stoney Creek, Ontario (Canada)
2198 Paradigm Shift Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
2200 MMRambotics Burlington, Ontario (Canada)
2386 Trojans Burlington, Ontario (Canada)
2609 BeaverworX Guelph, Ontario (Canada)
2634 The Gryphons North York, Ontario (Canada)
2702 Rebels Kitchener, Ontario (Canada)
2706 Merge Robotics Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
2708 Lake Effect Robotics Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
2852 DM High Voltage St Catharines, Ontario (Canada)
2935 NACI Robotics Etobicoke, Ontario (Canada)
2994 ASTECHZ Kanata, Ontario (Canada)
3161 Tronic Titans Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
3543 C4 Robotics Arnprior, Ontario (Canada)
3571 Mustang Robotics Milton, Ontario (Canada)
3683 Team DAVE Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)
3739 Oakbotics London, Ontario (Canada)
3756 RamFerno London, Ontario (Canada)
4015 Jag Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
4039 MakeShift Robotics Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
4069 Lo-Ellen Robotics Sudbury, Ontario (Canada)
4152 Hoya Robotics Huntsville, Ontario (Canada)
4252 Cardinal Robotics Markham, Ontario (Canada)
4308 ABSOLUTE ROBOTICS Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
4343 MaxTech Aurora, Ontario (Canada)
4476 W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
4519 King's Robotics Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
4525 Renaissance Robotics St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
4595 Infinity Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
4617 DAUN London, Ontario (Canada)
4618 Newman Robotics Stoney Creek, Ontario (Canada)
4678 CyberCavs Breslau, Ontario (Canada)
4688 Saints Bot Belle River, Ontario (Canada)
4704 Northern Lights Robotics Timmins, Ontario (Canada)
4777 Spirit Robotics Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
4783 RoboRavens Nepean, Ontario (Canada)
4814 WE MARS Incubator London, Ontario (Canada)
4902 The Wildebots Burlington, Ontario (Canada)
4903 Mustangs Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
4907 Thunderstamps St. Thomas, Ontario (Canada)
4914 Panthers North York, Ontario (Canada)
4917 Sir Lancerbot Elmira, Ontario (Canada)
4920 Belle River Automatons Belle River, Ontario (Canada)
4932 Cougar Robotics Leamington, Ontario (Canada)
4936 Viral Vortex Tecumseh, Ontario (Canada)
4938 Falcons Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
4939 Allspark9 Brampton, Ontario (Canada)
4940 Knight Vision Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
4946 The Alpha Dogs Bolton, Ontario (Canada)
4951 CDS Cyclones King, Ontario (Canada)
4968 RoboHawks Lively, Ontario (Canada)
4976 Revolt Robotics Georgetown, Ontario (Canada)
4992 SparBotics Milton, Ontario (Canada)
5024 Raider Robotics London, Ontario (Canada)
5031 Full Metal Mustangs North York, Ontario (Canada)
5032 Falcons Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
5036 The Robo Devils Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
5039 Irish Iron Sarnia, Ontario (Canada)
5076 Richardson Stormbots Ajax, Ontario (Canada)
5288 Spartan Robotics London, Ontario (Canada)
5406 Celt-X Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
5408 KENNEDYcache Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
5409 Chargers Oakville, Ontario (Canada)
5426 E.J. Lajeunesse Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
5483 GD-Bots London, Ontario (Canada)
5596 Wolverines Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
5672 First Nations-STEM Wikwemikong, Ontario (Canada)
5689 CK Cyber Pack Chatham, Ontario (Canada)
5699 Robo Sapiens Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
5719 Pink Titans Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
5821 The Saunders Robotics Club London, Ontario (Canada)
5834 R3P2 Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
5870 League of Logic London, Ontario (Canada)
5885 Villanova WiredCats LaSalle, Ontario (Canada)
5911 PARAGON Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
5912 Heritage Robotics Jordan, Ontario (Canada)
5921 Binary Power Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
6009 CYBERHEART Etobicoke, Ontario (Canada)
6052 Clarke Road Trojans London, Ontario (Canada)
6070 Gryphon Machine Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
6110 Doc Botics Ajax, Ontario (Canada)
6130 Vipers Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
6135 Arctos Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
6140 SMT Titans Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
6141 Senator O'Connor College School Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
6162 Cap Alpaca London, Ontario (Canada)
6202 The Centurions Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
6323 Hayden Robotics Burlington, Ontario (Canada)
6330 6330 - Arc Angels Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
6331 Sabotage Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
6336 Javawockies Springwater, Ontario (Canada)
6339 Pelican Falls First Nations High School Sioux Lookout, Ontario (Canada)
6342 BT Robotics Ancaster, Ontario (Canada)
6378 LYNX Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
6397 Romero Robotics York, Ontario (Canada)
6461 Iron Stallions Wingham, Ontario (Canada)
6481 Deus Ex Machina Parkhill, Ontario (Canada)
6513 Wyvern Robotics Woodbridge, Ontario (Canada)
6514 Sutton Robotics League Sutton West, Ontario (Canada)
6537 WIHS Robotics Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
6544 A-Team Robotics Amherstburg, Ontario (Canada)
6632 Supreme Robotics Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
6725 Westminster WildBOTS London, Ontario (Canada)
6854 AB Lucas VIKING Robotics London, Ontario (Canada)
6856 RoboRaptors London, Ontario (Canada)
6859 BML Robotics Bracebridge, Ontario (Canada)
6864 Gravenhurst High School Gravenhurst, Ontario (Canada)
6865 Manitoulin Metal M'Chigeeng, Ontario (Canada)
6866 The Space Invaders Markham, Ontario (Canada)
6867 Panthera Tech North York, Ontario (Canada)
6875 Amazon Warriors - Build A Dream Robotics Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
6878 SJB Odyssey Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
6881 South Lions Roarbotics London, Ontario (Canada)
6917 Voyageur Robotics Atikokan, Ontario (Canada)
6975 Neil McNeil Maroonotics Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
6977 Cyber Squad North York, Ontario (Canada)
6978 QuickStrike Niagara St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada)
6987 Falcon Automation Fenelon Falls, Ontario (Canada)
6992 FrancoBots Sarnia, Ontario (Canada)
7013 ACCN Techtronix North York, Ontario (Canada)
7022 ACE Robotics Cambridge, Ontario (Canada)
7052 Falcotronix Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada)
7058 StrathDroids Strathroy, Ontario (Canada)
7136 Thistletown Scot Bots Etobicoke, Ontario (Canada)
7200 Banting Memorial high school Alliston, Ontario (Canada)
7267 Lisgar Robotics Club Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
7456 Aurobots Aurora, Ontario (Canada)
7475 WIRED Woodstock, Ontario (Canada)
7476 EOM Lions Kanata, Ontario (Canada)
7480 Machine Mavericks Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
7509 STEAMTeam Robotics Brantford, Ontario (Canada)
7520 Team MineKee North York, Ontario (Canada)
7558 ALT+F4 North York, Ontario (Canada)
7564 Lakers Oshawa, Ontario (Canada)
7603 Bill Hogarth Secondary School Markham, Ontario (Canada)
7614 NHS Raiders Newmarket, Ontario (Canada)
7623 Morebotics Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
7659 HNMCS Robotics Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
7664 Big Celtic 6 Guelph, Ontario (Canada)
7690 Iron Works Robotics Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada)
7710 Mowat Mustangs Scarborough, Ontario (Canada)
7712 ACCN#2 Oshawa, Ontario (Canada)
7721 UHS Wolfpack Markham, Ontario (Canada)
7722 Resurrection Fire Birds Kitchener, Ontario (Canada)
7723 Westgate Tigers Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada)
7735 Milliken Mills H.S. Markham, Ontario (Canada)
7757 Atomic Dishwashers Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada)
7800 Electric Comets Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
7806 KDHS Kolts Kapuskasing, Ontario (Canada)
7902 Markham FireBirds Markham, Ontario (Canada)
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