2019 FIRST In Michigan District

FIRST In Michigan District (FIM)

Events: 28
Teams: 458

# Teams Qualified for District Championship: 0
# Teams Qualified for FIRST Championship: 0

Rank District Points Team

Hover on the score from a particular team event to see at which event the score was earned. Click the score to see the team's scoring detail from that event. Columns that contain "--" mean the team did not qualify / has not yet qualified.Columns that contain " (IP)" mean the event is in progress and scores will be changing throughout the event. More Info...

The FIRST In Michigan District is made up of 28 events, as outlined below. Teams select events at which they wish to compete and, at eligible events, earn points based on their performance.

Week Event Location Dates
1 FIM District Gibraltar Event Gibraltar, MI USA Thu 2/28 to Sat 3/2
1 FIM District Kettering University Event #1 Flint, MI USA Thu 2/28 to Sat 3/2
1 FIM District Southfield Event Southfield, MI USA Thu 2/28 to Sat 3/2
2 FIM District Belleville Event Belleville, MI USA Thu 3/7 to Sat 3/9
2 FIM District Kettering University Event #2 Flint, MI USA Thu 3/7 to Sat 3/9
2 FIM District Lakeview Event Battle Creek, MI USA Thu 3/7 to Sat 3/9
2 FIM District Milford Event Milford, MI USA Thu 3/7 to Sat 3/9
2 FIM District St. Joseph Event St. Joseph, MI USA Thu 3/7 to Sat 3/9
3 FIM District Center Line Event Center Line, MI USA Thu 3/14 to Sat 3/16
3 FIM District Detroit Event Detroit, MI USA Thu 3/14 to Sat 3/16
3 FIM District Gull Lake Event Richland, MI USA Thu 3/14 to Sat 3/16
3 FIM District Kingsford Event Kingsford, MI USA Thu 3/14 to Sat 3/16
3 FIM District Muskegon Event Muskegon, MI USA Thu 3/14 to Sat 3/16
4 FIM District Alpena Event #1 Alpena, MI USA Thu 3/21 to Sat 3/23
4 FIM District Lincoln Event Ypsilanti, MI USA Thu 3/21 to Sat 3/23
4 FIM District Midland Event Midland, MI USA Thu 3/21 to Sat 3/23
4 FIM District West Michigan Event Allendale, MI USA Thu 3/21 to Sat 3/23
5 FIM District Alpena Event #2 Alpena, MI USA Thu 3/28 to Sat 3/30
5 FIM District East Kentwood Event Kentwood, MI USA Thu 3/28 to Sat 3/30
5 FIM District Marysville Event Marysville, MI USA Thu 3/28 to Sat 3/30
5 FIM District Shepherd Event Shepherd, MI USA Thu 3/28 to Sat 3/30
5 FIM District Troy Event Troy, MI USA Thu 3/28 to Sat 3/30
6 FIM District Forest Hills Event Grand Rapids, MI USA Thu 4/4 to Sat 4/6
6 FIM District Lake Superior State University Event Sault Ste. Marie, MI USA Thu 4/4 to Sat 4/6
6 FIM District Lansing Event Mason, MI USA Thu 4/4 to Sat 4/6
6 FIM District Livonia Event Livonia, MI USA Thu 4/4 to Sat 4/6
6 FIM District Traverse City Event Traverse City, MI USA Thu 4/4 to Sat 4/6
7 Michigan State Championship University Center, MI USA Wed 4/10 to Sat 4/13

The FIRST In Michigan District is made up of 458 Teams, as listed below. To learn more about a team, or see details of their performance this season, click on their team number.

Number Name Home
308 The Monsters Walled Lake, Michigan (USA)
6096 UPSM Cobras Detroit, Michigan (USA)
3658 Robo - Beavers Battle Creek, Michigan (USA)
6573 Alanson Viking Brobotics Alanson, Michigan (USA)
4994 Kingston Robo-Cards Kingston, Michigan (USA)
1684 The Chimeras Lapeer, Michigan (USA)
6043 Tesla Tigers Allegan, Michigan (USA)
7210 RoboJackets Greenville, Michigan (USA)
5623 Robotic Rams Galesburg, Michigan (USA)
6877 Mechanical Mustangs Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
7191 ABT Gators Melvindale, Michigan (USA)
2054 Tech Vikes Hopkins, Michigan (USA)
6090 Wayland Wildcats Wayland, Michigan (USA)
6097 Botcats Brethren, Michigan (USA)
4391 BraveBots Gladstone, Michigan (USA)
288 The RoboDawgs Grandville, Michigan (USA)
33 Killer Bees Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA)
4970 ICE Cubed Harris, Michigan (USA)
6029 Railbots Lincoln Park, Michigan (USA)
3568 RoboEagles Linden, Michigan (USA)
6122 Potential Energy Bear Lake, Michigan (USA)
5231 Radical Jays Shepherd, Michigan (USA)
5217 Robocats Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
6098 bIrobot Beaver Island, Michigan (USA)
6532 Ben Carson Blue Jays Detroit, Michigan (USA)
4715 Big Bay de Noc Bear Bots Cooks, Michigan (USA)
5182 Chieftainators Dowagiac, Michigan (USA)
314 The Megatron Oracles Flint, Michigan (USA)
6600 Baldwin Panthers Baldwin, Michigan (USA)
70 More Martians Goodrich, Michigan (USA)
6078 RoboRams Holt, Michigan (USA)
5072 Raider Robotics De Tour Village, Michigan (USA)
6087 Cybertronic Lancers Ellsworth, Michigan (USA)
5843 Flurb East China, Michigan (USA)
5203 Volatile Chaos Inhibitors Sanford, Michigan (USA)
2960 Automation Nation Birmingham, Michigan (USA)
1 The Juggernauts Pontiac, Michigan (USA)
6053 Robusters Colon, Michigan (USA)
7155 The Robotic Rangers Manton, Michigan (USA)
85 B.O.B. (Built on Brains) Zeeland, Michigan (USA)
5697 Bearcats Bridgeport, Michigan (USA)
6345 Nimrod Nation Watersmeet, Michigan (USA)
7154 TheROK Kingsford, Michigan (USA)
4854 Trobots Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7658 Forresters Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
5502 Cobrots Jonesville, Michigan (USA)
7598 SCA Constellations Wixom, Michigan (USA)
7172 AEA Robolution Oscoda, Michigan (USA)
123 Team - Cosmos Hamtramck, Michigan (USA)
5424 Rogue Robots Midland, Michigan (USA)
4737 Atomigators West Bloomfield, Michigan (USA)
5257 CometKaze Coleman, Michigan (USA)
5260 Owosso Operating System Owosso, Michigan (USA)
6066 Rambler Robotics McBain, Michigan (USA)
4851 JungleBots Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7501 Golden Eagles Brooklyn, Michigan (USA)
3668 TroBots Whitmore Lake, Michigan (USA)
6538 Linc-Bots Ypsilanti, Michigan (USA)
6112 Cyberstangs Munising, Michigan (USA)
4390 ATA Coregears Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
5183 Devil Bots Gaylord, Michigan (USA)
5216 E-Ville Empire Essexville, Michigan (USA)
5555 Spartans Warren, Michigan (USA)
6121 Robo Vikes Grayling, Michigan (USA)
6580 Positive Charge Marshall, Michigan (USA)
6862 The Reavers Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7256 Irish Robotics Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
3655 Tractor Technicians Mason, Michigan (USA)
6556 Waldron Bot Heads Waldron, Michigan (USA)
2337 EngiNERDs Grand Blanc, Michigan (USA)
5695 Heavy Duty Eagles Redford, Michigan (USA)
5685 Robo Terriers Litchfield, Michigan (USA)
2048 The Pink Panthers Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1025 IMPI Robotics Ferndale, Michigan (USA)
240 TEMPEST Monroe, Michigan (USA)
226 Hammerheads Troy, Michigan (USA)
6005 Cardinaltronics Custer, Michigan (USA)
2611 Jacktown Vectors Jackson, Michigan (USA)
2832 The Livonia Warriors Livonia, Michigan (USA)
6013 Robowolves Detroit, Michigan (USA)
5688 Robo Cats Pittsford, Michigan (USA)
4381 Twisted Devils Richland, Michigan (USA)
3875 Red Storm Robotics Kentwood, Michigan (USA)
4840 The Panthers Redford, Michigan (USA)
3535 Galaktech Invaders Lapeer County, Michigan (USA)
6020 John Glenn Robotics Bay City, Michigan (USA)
3572 Wavelength Norton Shores, Michigan (USA)
7192 Blue Thunderneers Croswell, Michigan (USA)
5509 Like a Boss. Midland, Michigan (USA)
5612 RoboRaptors Burton, Michigan (USA)
6071 Bot Central Bay City, Michigan (USA)
5467 RoboTractors Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
5152 Alotobots Otsego, Michigan (USA)
5478 Pershing Doughbots Detroit, Michigan (USA)
5901 Cougar Pack Detroit, Michigan (USA)
6627 Niles Nordic Knights Niles, Michigan (USA)
5238 Falconators Otisville, Michigan (USA)
5204 Robocats Three Rivers, Michigan (USA)
245 Adambots Rochester, Michigan (USA)
2959 Robotarians Coloma, Michigan (USA)
1940 The Tech Tigers Benton Harbor, Michigan (USA)
5567 Code Red Robotics Milan, Michigan (USA)
6550 Wildcat Robotics Evart, Michigan (USA)
5774 Maximum Overload Flint, Michigan (USA)
7495 Sacred Heart Mount Pleasant, Michigan (USA)
107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. Holland, Michigan (USA)
3452 The GreengineerZ Berrien Springs, Michigan (USA)
7250 OsCODEa 0w|5 Oscoda, Michigan (USA)
7187 Gear Cats Delton, Michigan (USA)
835 The Sting Beverly Hills, Michigan (USA)
5577 Kinematic Wolves Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7202 Cyber Orioles Morrice, Michigan (USA)
2834 Bionic Black Hawks Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (USA)
4815 ELECTROPANTHERS Center Line, Michigan (USA)
6117 Wingspan Pontiac, Michigan (USA)
6914 Retro5ive Melvindale, Michigan (USA)
6150 BlueBotics Adrian, Michigan (USA)
7223 MVHS Robotics Vermontville, Michigan (USA)
6742 Blue Jays Westland, Michigan (USA)
6528 Terror Bytes Gibraltar, Michigan (USA)
5712 Hemlock's Gray Matter Hemlock, Michigan (USA)
6649 CHA Circuits Saint Helen, Michigan (USA)
3767 Titan Robotics Traverse City, Michigan (USA)
5676 The H.E.R.O.E.S Hillsdale, Michigan (USA)
858 Demons Wyoming, Michigan (USA)
2620 Titans Southgate, Michigan (USA)
5230 The Resistance Alpena , Michigan (USA)
4855 Ramageddon South Haven, Michigan (USA)
894 The POWER CHARGERS Flint, Michigan (USA)
3175 Knight Vision Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan (USA)
2405 Techno Trojans Fruitport, Michigan (USA)
5205 FullMetal-Jackets Concord, Michigan (USA)
1481 The Riveters Farmington, Michigan (USA)
3546 Buc'n'Gears Grand Haven, Michigan (USA)
7713 North Dickinson Felch, Michigan (USA)
7220 Steel Falcons Whitmore Lake, Michigan (USA)
6616 Mechanical Pumas Detroit, Michigan (USA)
5562 Laker Logistics Maple City, Michigan (USA)
6073 Cav-Bots Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
6558 Aluminum Sting Lanse, Michigan (USA)
5166 Fabricators Freeland, Michigan (USA)
7020 IM ROBOT Iron Mountain, Michigan (USA)
5534 Onaway Onabots Onaway, Michigan (USA)
51 The Wings of Fire Pontiac, Michigan (USA)
4003 TriSonics Allendale, Michigan (USA)
7225 Mechatronic Mustangs Milford, Michigan (USA)
3603 Cyber Coyotes Reed City , Michigan (USA)
5282 Railroaders Durand, Michigan (USA)
7716 JLW Formula 01 Robotic's Team Detroit, Michigan (USA)
5878 The Great Lakers Mackinac Island, Michigan (USA)
3234 Red Arrows Lowell, Michigan (USA)
6561 Omecha Wolf Pack Scottville, Michigan (USA)
1596 The Instigators Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan (USA)
2474 Excel Niles, Michigan (USA)
7206 Robo Defenders Center Line, Michigan (USA)
5675 WiredCats Mattawan, Michigan (USA)
469 Las Guerrillas Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (USA)
5114 Titanium Tigers Fenton, Michigan (USA)
6099 Knight Riders Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1254 Tech Force Lawrence, Michigan (USA)
5224 Panther Power Standish, Michigan (USA)
7597 Fraser Ramblers Fraser, Michigan (USA)
7692 AGBU Manoogian Robotics Southfield, Michigan (USA)
7144 NexTech Hydra Okemos, Michigan (USA)
6592 Sexton Redbots Lansing, Michigan (USA)
1188 RoboRavens Royal Oak, Michigan (USA)
313 The Bionic Zebras Wayne, Michigan (USA)
67 The HOT Team Highland, Michigan (USA)
5229 Heritage Hawkbots Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
4835 Junkyard Dawgs Manistique, Michigan (USA)
5926 Da MOOse Port Huron, Michigan (USA)
2604 Metal and Soul Capac, Michigan (USA)
5167 Vi-Bots Marysville, Michigan (USA)
1189 The Gearheads Grosse Pointe, Michigan (USA)
6077 Wiking Kujon Posen, Michigan (USA)
5524 MacroProcessors Birch Run, Michigan (USA)
6642 Harrison Stingers of Steel Harrison, Michigan (USA)
3458 Code Blue Holland, Michigan (USA)
3667 Mecanum Knights Port Huron, Michigan (USA)
5448 CCA RoboCougars Big Rapids, Michigan (USA)
5610 Turbulence (Saugatuck Robotics) Saugatuck, Michigan (USA)
904 D Cubed Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
5194 Gobles Voltage Gobles, Michigan (USA)
5235 Gears of Fortune Chesaning, Michigan (USA)
4405 The Atoms Family Canton, Michigan (USA)
3096 The Village Bulldogs Detroit, Michigan (USA)
4409 Ground Zero Niles, Michigan (USA)
5462 2PawR (2 Paw Robotics) Paw Paw, Michigan (USA)
910 The Foley Freeze Madison Heights, Michigan (USA)
503 Frog Force Novi, Michigan (USA)
5523 RoboWarriors Grass Lake, Michigan (USA)
857 Superior Roboworks Houghton, Michigan (USA)
7248 Tactical Hams Wyoming, Michigan (USA)
6552 RoboCats Houghton Lake, Michigan (USA)
5860 Full Metal Muskrats Algonac, Michigan (USA)
7168 Infinity Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7289 Blue Eagles Fowler, Michigan (USA)
3656 Dreadbots Dexter, Michigan (USA)
5709 Rudyard Nerf Herders Rudyard, Michigan (USA)
4983 IronBots Mancelona, Michigan (USA)
1506 Metal Muscle Flint, Michigan (USA)
6753 CBA RoboKings Midland, Michigan (USA)
4776 S.C.O.T.S. Bots Howell, Michigan (USA)
5110 Robo Herd Elk Rapids, Michigan (USA)
5641 Byron Robotics Byron, Michigan (USA)
6589 Cardinal.EXE Bloomingdale, Michigan (USA)
703 Team Phoenix Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
3570 Pheonix 3570 Alma, Michigan (USA)
6610 Robot Roll Call Burton, Michigan (USA)
5048 Spartronics Imlay City, Michigan (USA)
4988 Yooper Troopers Cedarville, Michigan (USA)
6583 Human Error Plymouth, Michigan (USA)
216 More RoboDawgs Grandville, Michigan (USA)
5504 The Loose Connections Pinconning , Michigan (USA)
4453 The Red Hot Chili Bots Marshall, Michigan (USA)
6566 Lamphere Battering Rams Madison Heights, Michigan (USA)
6091 Eagle 1 Deckerville, Michigan (USA)
4395 Dundee Vi-Borgs Dundee, Michigan (USA)
5234 MarauderBots Elsie, Michigan (USA)
4216 Blue Ops Robotics Jackson, Michigan (USA)
5756 R.E.C'in Crew Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7254 Knowmads Potterville, Michigan (USA)
5708 Zebrotics Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
3617 Cold Logic Marquette, Michigan (USA)
7160 Ludington O' Bots Ludington, Michigan (USA)
7156 NVASRoboKnights Norway, Michigan (USA)
5498 The Wired Devils Grosse Ile, Michigan (USA)
1023 Bedford Express Temperance, Michigan (USA)
5155 Bearcats Ubly, Michigan (USA)
7197 Mountie MegaBots Jackson, Michigan (USA)
6963 Blood Sweat and Gears Remus, Michigan (USA)
5530 The Greenhills Lawnmowers Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
2619 The Charge Midland, Michigan (USA)
4961 Shock and Awe-sum Almont, Michigan (USA)
6567 The Broken Drill Bits Saint Clair Shores, Michigan (USA)
7638 Team Sasquatch (The SasqBots) Bessemer, Michigan (USA)
3773 Cobalt Commanders Tecumseh, Michigan (USA)
6635 JaXon Falcon Works Jackson, Michigan (USA)
5084 Team FridgeBot Corunna, Michigan (USA)
5161 Trojan Technicians Plainwell, Michigan (USA)
3539 Byting Bulldogs Romeo, Michigan (USA)
4377 Boyne City Blaze Boyne City, Michigan (USA)
5247 Red Devil Robotics East Jordan, Michigan (USA)
3770 BlitzCreek Midland, Michigan (USA)
5067 Steiner Steel Storm Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
2771 Code Red Robotics the Stray Dogs Grandville, Michigan (USA)
7166 Red Thunder Robotics Laingsburg, Michigan (USA)
548 Robostangs Northville, Michigan (USA)
5251 C3 WAYbots Flint, Michigan (USA)
7689 WMC Robotics Muskegon, Michigan (USA)
7232 Pharaohs Detroit, Michigan (USA)
6597 Eagles Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
5263 Robo-Bucs Riverview, Michigan (USA)
1322 Genesee Robotics Area Youth Team (GRAYT) Fenton, Michigan (USA)
6113 M.A.R.C. 1 Menominee, Michigan (USA)
7218 Bradford Botdogs Southfield, Michigan (USA)
468 Aftershock Flint, Michigan (USA)
5460 Strike Zone Lapeer, Michigan (USA)
7150 Ogemaw Overdrive West Branch, Michigan (USA)
5056 MegaHurtz Robotics Buchanan, Michigan (USA)
1918 NC GEARS Fremont, Michigan (USA)
280 TnT Taylor, Michigan (USA)
217 ThunderChickens Sterling Heights, Michigan (USA)
3534 House of Cards Davison, Michigan (USA)
27 Team RUSH Clarkston, Michigan (USA)
6094 Manic Mechanics Montague, Michigan (USA)
94 The Ninetyfouriors Southfield, Michigan (USA)
4362 Gems Brighton, Michigan (USA)
6116 Cougar Robotics Garden City, Michigan (USA)
3632 D-Techs Detroit, Michigan (USA)
815 Advanced Power Allen Park, Michigan (USA)
5505 V2 Robotics Alpena, Michigan (USA)
2246 The Army of Sum Johannesburg, Michigan (USA)
5227 Eagle Elite Schoolcraft, Michigan (USA)
3602 RoboMos Escanaba, Michigan (USA)
4819 Flat Mountain Mechanics Mount Pleasant, Michigan (USA)
5706 Tahquamenon Phenomenon Newberry, Michigan (USA)
6581 Hancock Bulldogs Hancock, Michigan (USA)
5527 Cyber Phoenix Flint, Michigan (USA)
5162 The Big Red Theory Big Rapids, Michigan (USA)
247 Da Bears Berkley, Michigan (USA)
6344 6344 Yale Jiggawattz Yale, Michigan (USA)
5090 Torque-Nados Trenton, Michigan (USA)
5559 Gear Grinders Camden, Michigan (USA)
7226 Error 404 Lansing, Michigan (USA)
4838 Electro-Bots River Rouge, Michigan (USA)
7174 ProtoBots Dearborn Heights, Michigan (USA)
1250 Gator-Bots Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
3688 Norsemen Suttons Bay, Michigan (USA)
5525 Alcona Tool Cats Lincoln, Michigan (USA)
6002 ZooBOTix Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
4376 Raydernators Charlevoix, Michigan (USA)
6611 WolverBots Au Gres, Michigan (USA)
1243 Dragons Swartz Creek, Michigan (USA)
2673 Tenacious Technicians Detroit, Michigan (USA)
3414 Hackbots Farmington, Michigan (USA)
5547 The Talons Hale, Michigan (USA)
5501 Bobcats Burr Oak, Michigan (USA)
6954 Titans of Industry Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
5535 Bionic Bison New Buffalo, Michigan (USA)
5619 Jaguars Detroit, Michigan (USA)
5660 Atherton Robotics Team Burton, Michigan (USA)
1504 Desperate Penguins Okemos, Michigan (USA)
5927 Globetrotters Zeeland, Michigan (USA)
6428 STEMINEERS Coopersville, Michigan (USA)
66 Grizzly Robotics Ypsilanti, Michigan (USA)
6594 EV ROBOTICS Lansing, Michigan (USA)
4380 Dynomite Detroit, Michigan (USA)
3604 Goon Squad Brownstown, Michigan (USA)
5256 Atomic Vikings Lake Odessa, Michigan (USA)
4779 RoboSapiens Marine City, Michigan (USA)
1896 Concussive Engineers Traverse City, Michigan (USA)
7209 Titanium Trojans (Homer Robotics Club) Homer, Michigan (USA)
5046 Jacked Up Jackets Memphis, Michigan (USA)
7054 SC Sailors Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
7188 SaddleBots Warren, Michigan (USA)
7147 Falcons Senior Robo Team Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
4130 The Blue Devils Richmond, Michigan (USA)
7491 Cyber Soldiers Burton, Michigan (USA)
5470 The Cowpunchers Coopersville, Michigan (USA)
6067 Underdogs Saint Charles, Michigan (USA)
6065 Titanium Dragons Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
7224 RoboDrakens Hazel Park, Michigan (USA)
1677 TronBots Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
74 Team CHAOS Holland, Michigan (USA)
244 RoboDawgs 3D Grandville, Michigan (USA)
7211 Hollywood Holly, Michigan (USA)
3302 TurboTrojans Clawson, Michigan (USA)
6057 Thunderbots Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
4967 That ONE Team-OurNextEngineers Belmont, Michigan (USA)
7553 OSTC-Southwest Wixom, Michigan (USA)
3619 Blackhawks Detroit, Michigan (USA)
3542 S.P.E.E.D Temperance, Michigan (USA)
862 Lightning Robotics Canton, Michigan (USA)
5193 Pantheon Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
4004 M.A.R.S. Rovers Muskegon, Michigan (USA)
5538 Vikingbots Saginaw, Michigan (USA)
453 Rockem Sockem Robotics Clinton Township, Michigan (USA)
5674 The Gearhounds Eaton Rapids, Michigan (USA)
5517 The Engineers on Fire Burton, Michigan (USA)
6128 The Automatics Hart, Michigan (USA)
7244 Huskies Robotics Atlanta, Michigan (USA)
4237 Team Lance-A-Bot Stevensville, Michigan (USA)
1711 Raptors Traverse City, Michigan (USA)
5436 Cyber Cats Rochester, Michigan (USA)
5066 Singularity Saline, Michigan (USA)
7665 Comets Grand Ledge, Michigan (USA)
6618 WARHBOTS Flat Rock, Michigan (USA)
2137 TORC Oxford, Michigan (USA)
302 The Dragons Lake Orion, Michigan (USA)
6137 H.A.L-9K and the Falcons of Fury Constantine, Michigan (USA)
5603 Rise of the Warrior Bots Auburn, Michigan (USA)
6081 Digital Dislocators Manchester, Michigan (USA)
2224 RoboPhoenix Detroit, Michigan (USA)
4482 ID Robotics Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
2851 Crevolution Sterling Heights, Michigan (USA)
5150 Hybrid Hornets Flint, Michigan (USA)
7109 Clare Chaos Theory Clare, Michigan (USA)
4384 Benzene Bots Troy, Michigan (USA)
5050 Cow Town Robotics Carleton, Michigan (USA)
7221 JHS Viking Robotics Jackson, Michigan (USA)
7178 More Monsters Walled Lake, Michigan (USA)
2767 Stryke Force Kalamazoo, Michigan (USA)
5533 Electric Horse Power Clio, Michigan (USA)
5531 Orange Crush Dearborn, Michigan (USA)
6019 Metabots Metamora, Michigan (USA)
2586 Copper Bots Calumet, Michigan (USA)
141 WOBOT Holland, Michigan (USA)
3537 Delta Force Indian River, Michigan (USA)
3536 Electro Eagles Hartland, Michigan (USA)
3322 Eagle Imperium Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
68 Truck Town Thunder Ortonville, Michigan (USA)
6569 Gladiators Ontonagon, Michigan (USA)
5156 Laker Robots Pigeon, Michigan (USA)
5069 The Iron Giants Edwardsburg, Michigan (USA)
7084 Hillman Pyrobots Hillman, Michigan (USA)
5980 East Grand Rapids Robotics Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
6120 Cyberstangs New Haven, Michigan (USA)
4327 Q Branch Battle Creek, Michigan (USA)
5173 RoboHawks Fennville, Michigan (USA)
5197 DCP @ NW Detroit, Michigan (USA)
6088 Stephenson Eagles Stephenson, Michigan (USA)
830 The RatPack Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
7656 MC Hammers Michigan Center, Michigan (USA)
6557 Vikings Baraga, Michigan (USA)
1701 RoboCubs Detroit, Michigan (USA)
3357 COMETS Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
3707 Brighton TechnoDogs Brighton, Michigan (USA)
6193 The Legend of Robotics Bay City, Michigan (USA)
573 Mech Warriors Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (USA)
4810 I AM Robot Clinton Township, Michigan (USA)
4680 AzTech Eagles Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7247 Error 404 Fair Haven, Michigan (USA)
6114 Do the Thing Hamilton, Michigan (USA)
7145 Hurricanes Detroit, Michigan (USA)
1718 The Fighting Pi Armada, Michigan (USA)
3620 Average Joes Saint Joseph, Michigan (USA)
818 Steel Armadillos Warren, Michigan (USA)
5314 Ice Bots Pellston, Michigan (USA)
5963 CA Frost High School Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
4392 The Deceivers Brimley, Michigan (USA)
5561 Raider Robotics Flushing, Michigan (USA)
6101 Strange Quarks Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
2676 Ecorse Robo Raiders Ecorse, Michigan (USA)
6545 Tawas Braves Tawas City, Michigan (USA)
6958 CougarBots Warren, Michigan (USA)
2075 Enigma Robotics Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)
4768 Comets Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7602 Mason County Central High School Scottville, Michigan (USA)
4811 Majestic Eagles Madison Heights, Michigan (USA)
7196 Tech Tigers Detroit, Michigan (USA)
6074 Robo-Reactors Roscommon, Michigan (USA)
6548 Perry High School RAMBOTS Perry, Michigan (USA)
5710 The O-Bots Charlotte, Michigan (USA)
6033 Gadget Agents Mount Pleasant, Michigan (USA)
1502 Technical Difficulties Chelsea, Michigan (USA)
7056 The F.A.S.T. Team - Fowlerville Area Scientific Technicians Fowlerville, Michigan (USA)
5215 Steagles Frankenmuth, Michigan (USA)
3618 Petoskey Paladins Petoskey, Michigan (USA)
5316 The Architects Saranac, Michigan (USA)
2145 HAZMATs Linden, Michigan (USA)
4325 RoboRangers Cassopolis, Michigan (USA)
3641 The Flying Toasters South Lyon, Michigan (USA)
5907 CC Shambots Novi, Michigan (USA)
5714 Accidental Success Brimley, Michigan (USA)
6075 Leland Zebrotics Leland, Michigan (USA)
5915 Mercy Midnight Storm Detroit, Michigan (USA)
7222 The Fighting Anomalocari Parma, Michigan (USA)
6631 Rocket Robotics Reese, Michigan (USA)
7208 CMA Navigators Charlevoix, Michigan (USA)
6861 The Tyros Team Livonia, Michigan (USA)
322 Team F.I.R.E. Flint, Michigan (USA)
6425 The Conclave Coldwater, Michigan (USA)
5560 Central Lake Trobotics Central Lake, Michigan (USA)
201 The FEDS Rochester, Michigan (USA)
5213 St. Ignace SHIELD Saint Ignace, Michigan (USA)
3538 RoboJackets Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA)
6599 Northport Wildcats Northport, Michigan (USA)
5053 Lakers Waterford, Michigan (USA)
4375 Westend Gearbusters Ishpeming, Michigan (USA)
6615 Belle Voxel - Bots Belleville, Michigan (USA)
4998 TESLA Flint, Michigan (USA)
6093 Unplugged Sandusky, Michigan (USA)
1076 Pi Hi Samurai Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
6085 Green Devil Bots Brown City, Michigan (USA)
7234 Rebel Robotics Wyoming, Michigan (USA)
4568 Robot Commander North Adams, Michigan (USA)
7219 Olivet Eagles Olivet, Michigan (USA)
5702 Robotawatomi Wilson, Michigan (USA)
6570 Whiteford Bobcats Ottawa Lake, Michigan (USA)
4956 RoboSharks Whitehall, Michigan (USA)
4408 Panthera Machina Battle Creek, Michigan (USA)
494 Martians Goodrich, Michigan (USA)
5086 Cadillac Connectors Cadillac, Michigan (USA)
6637 BetaWolves Carney, Michigan (USA)
7660 Fr. Gabriel Richard High School Irish Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
4398 Imprimis Deo Traverse City, Michigan (USA)
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